Last week it became known that the investment stock "Prosperity Voskhod” with the fraction of 15% became the second largest shareholder of the Diksi distribution network after Igor Kesaev’s Merkuriy network. The retailer’s shares are also possessed by other funds belonging to Prosperity Capital Management, but the size of their holdings is not disclosed. Prosperity hopes to implement its own people to the Diksi’s board of directors at the coming annual stockholders’ meeting of Diksi. The analysts earlier named Alexei Krivoshapko, the director of Prosperity Capital Management, among the possible candidates.

GK Diksi released its working results at MSFO for 2008 – the company’s receipts increased to 48 325 mln rubles, the loss came up to 324 mln rubles, and the group’s working results for the 4 months of 2009 – the receipts came up to 14 943 mln rubles.

In April the supermarket network “Seventh Continent” suddenly demonstrated a surge of main financial indicators after the weak results in the first quarter of this year: the receipts have increased up to 4.34 billion rubles.

On May, 20th the Ashan network launched a hypermarket of a new format – “Ashan-Sad”, which specializes in equipment for gardens, decorating and products for pets. The store is located in Moscow in the shopping center “Troyka” near the Ashan hypermarket. The total size of the object came up to 2500 square meters. The opening of another store is planned for 2009. This store will be located in the Mega shopping complex in Samara.

The Lenta retailer from St.Petersburg opened its own cafй in its Krasnodar shopping center located in Vostochniy Obkhod str. The hypermarket’s culinary products are sold there. The cafй named “In Lenta like at home” in Krasnodar became the first company’s experience in the fast-food field.

Sergey Veretschagin and Oleg Trykin, the co-owners of Azbuka Vkusa network, resumed the development of their second retail project – the network of Olivye stores. Now they are holding the negotiations about joining of almost half of 18 Ostrov stores to Olivye. Till the end of the year the company itself will open 5-7 stores.

It became known that the retail network “O’Key Ukraine” might leave the Ukranian market within the near future. According to some information, the company is ready to sell 100% of its assets. The company itself remarks that they are interested to retain control of “O’Key Ukraine”.

Dmitry Budakov, the main owner of Spar Moscow Holding (the Russian licensee of the Dutch Spar), hasn’t cancelled a credit at $10 mln, given by the ANN investment company of Alexander Mamut, in time. The deposit for this credit is 25% of the Spar’s shares. ANN agrees to take possession of the shares, but Mr Budakov hopes to negotiate a restructing. 

The top three mobile retailers continue to divide the mobile store market, but they all have different strategies. After Euroset, the market leader, turned to be under the control of Vympelkom, MTS decided to stake on the monobrand retail. Sergey Rumyantsev, the former executive vice-president of the group of Svyaznoi companies, was invited to head the Russian Telephone Company (RTC), which manages the monobrand stores of MTS. 

The mobile operator Megafon demands 280 mln rubles from the mobile retailer Tsifrograd. The Megafon representatives explained that the operator has 51% of the retail network in deposit, which is a guarantee under the marketing agreement with the cost of over 250 mln rubles. Tsifrograd, which earlier was the third player at the mobile retailer market, has almost stopped its functioning, and it will be rather difficult to return money for the operator.

Nokia, the largest mobile telephone producer, resumed its work with Euroset, the Russian leader at the mobile retail market. Vympelkom set an end to almost 3-year conflict by becoming a co-owner of Euroset in autumn 2008. The two companies signed an agreement of intentions and commercial conditions. 


In 2010 the company “Media-Markt-Saturn”, which manages the network of household appliances and electronics “Media-Markt” in Russia, will open its first store in Voronezh. Media Markt will become a tenant in the shopping and entertainment center “Arena” in Bulvar Pobedy str.

It became known that in summer the first “real” Nike stores will be opened in Moscow and St.Petersburg. From 1994 several franchisees were representing this brand in Russia. Their positions have weakened due to the crisis, and Nike will itself improve the situation.

The department store “Kalinka-Stockmann”, belonging to the Finish company Stockmann, will not return to Smolenskiy Passazh, where it was located from 1998. The presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court (SAC) ended the argument between the department store and the lessors. The court thinks that the lessors cannot be forced to lease the premises at prices set in percentage of the store’s commodity turnover.


The IKEA company received an agreement from the Voronezh authorities for building the shopping complex “MEGA Voronezh” with the first stage area of 176 000 square meters. The terms of implementing such projects come up to about 14 months, and the project’s cost might be up to $200 mln.

While meeting Nikolay Nikolaychuk, the mayor of Tomsk, the IKEA representatives confirmed that the company is ready to start preparing the documents for purchasing the land area for building the shopping center in Tomsk with the total area of 128 460 square meters.

IKEA enlisted the support of the regional authorities in the capital of Chernozemye region. The Swedish concern plans to implement the project of the shopping and entertainment complex in the Novousmanskiy region in Voronezh at the land area of over 100 hectares. The size of investments in building is estimated at 4.5 billion rubles. Implementing the first stage of the project might take up to 2 years.


The situation with the deal between Metrika and Vimos, the 2 DIY-retailers, became the intrigue of last week. In April, 2009 the companies signed an agreement of joining the operation activity at the basis of Strotformat Ltd., which is the operator of Metrika network. But later it became known that the negotiations between the retailers have been suspended. Vladimir Guryev, the president of TD Vimos, didn’t sign the lease contract for several objects. Stroyformat found financial violations in them. Meanwhile, Vimos suddenly learnt about an action of bankruptcy prosecuted by one of the suppliers against Metrika.

The next day several dozens of Vimos employees accepted for employment to Metrika within the last weeks came to Metrika’s office demanding to discharge them.

In a day both companies informed that they have resumed the negotiations about the further fortune of the joint network “Metrika-Vimos”.


Public Corporation “Apothecary network 36,6”, which is to pay off the bonds at 1.9 billion rubles on June, 30th, informed the shareholders that it would be able to pay off only 15% of the total sum in time. It hopes to return the rest of the sum in quarterly tranches within the period from March, 2011 till June, 2012. The creditors expected that the debt problem would be set by Marshall Capital Partners, which in March signed a preliminary agreement about a ransom of additional commission of “36,6”, but the deal might fail.

The shareholders of the pharmaceutical corporation “Natur Product” received a plan of restructing the company’s bonded debt (on June, 16th it is to pay off the shares at 1 billion rubles). The company will only be able to pay off 15% in time. In comparison with other participants of the pharmaceutical market the debt of Natur Product is not so large: apart from obligations the credit portfolio doesn’t exceed 250 mln rubles. However, the group still accounts on receiving a deferment due to the uncertain situation at the market.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex  does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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