The last short week wasn’t quiet at all: Evgeniy Chichvarkin “appeared” in London, Sberbank announced finishing the deal of buying a share in Mosmart, Wal Mart is officially coming to Russia, etc.

Bill On Organizing the trade activity at the consumer market prepared by 5 deputies of the Duma faction “Edinaya Rossiya”. The new law can make the life of large retailers more difficult.

Minpromtorg’s attempt to exceed the work on the governmental version of Law on trade resulted in discussing 5 alternative projects at the same time in the relevant committee of the State Duma.

The State Duma deputies have simultaneously worked out a bill, which is to stop the practice of accepting a bribe by the trade networks from the products’ manufacturers. However, there few chances that the bill will be approved.

During the St. Petersburg Economic Forum the American company Wal Mart for the first time officially announced the business interest in Russia. But the retailer refused to announce any concrete plans.

The Magnit network announced the preliminary volume of the net unaudited retail profit for the first 5 months of 2009. It increased at 34.5% up to 65.055 billion rubles. Within this period the company opened 181 stores.

On Thursday Sberbank announced finishing the deal of buying a share in the Mosmart trade network. “Sberbank Capital” and the “Bakarella” direct investment fund controlled by Evgeny Novitskiy, member of AFK “Sistema” board of directors, purchased the control stock of the Cyprian company Sarnatus Trading Limited, which holds 100% of the shares in ZAO “Mosmart” and ZAO “Gipertsentr” (owner of 4 “Mosmart” trade centers in Moscow and the region).

TD “Kopeika” announced the working results for the last year. The profit of the network increased at 34.6% up to 47 billion rubles.

The company “Billa Russia” announced the 2008 working results. The total turnover came up to 250 million euro. Compared with the last year the increase came up to 39.96%.

In his interview Vadim Rybakov, the general director of the network “V dvukh shagakh”, describes the state of the product retail in the regions. 

On Tuesday Rospotrebnadzor paused the validity of sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports for another 593 units of the dairy products from Belorussia. On June, 6th Rospotrebnadzor already prohibited the import and turnover in Russia of 600 units of the dairy products from Belorussia. Prices for the dairy products in Russia will not increase due to reduction of the export volume from Belorussia. The experts think that the domestic producers will be quite able to supply the missing volumes.

Group of companies “Svyaznoi”, which earlier stoutly denied the fact that the smashing ZAO “Svyaznoi” has something to do with them, will still have to pay its tax debts. Mikhail Zolotovitskiy, the ex-general director of “” Ltd., which managed the mobile stores network “”, will develop the “Megafon” mobile retail.

Last Sunday Evgeny Chichvarkin, the ex-owner of Euroset, put on the international wanted list, appeared at the ballet gala-evening in the London Covent-Garden. He refused meeting the journalists.
At this time the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office didn’t find legal the resolution on arraigning Evgeny Chichvarkin as the accused of kidnapping 2 Euroset expeditors. The Moscow Arbitrage Court postponed the action proceedings of the mobile retailer “Euroset” to one of the leading mobile operators MTS till June, 30th. The proceedings are on recovering 354.6 million rubles of the pre-payment paid for the pre-activated sets.

The Swedish IKEA, which manages the Russian network of “MEGA” trade centers, started the staff changes in the regions. Robert Felchak, head of MEGA in Nizhniy Novgorod, was transferred to the same position in St. Petersburg. His position is taken by Tomas Malmberg, top-manager of Krasnodar “Mega Adygeya-Kuban”.

It also became known that the opening of Leroy Merlin hypermarket in the Mega trade center in Omsk is planned for October this year.

New Look, the Britain clothes brand, has entered the St. Petersburg market. The company plans to open about 10 stores in the major Russian cities till the end of this year. Now 3 network stores are already acting in our country.

The company “Tovarizhestvo chaetorgovtsev”, the developing network “Untsiya”, has launched a new franchising project – the tea stores under the Vintage brand. The main difference from the franchise of the elite tea stores “Untsiya” is a lower price category of the goods.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex  does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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