As a rule, passions flared up in the mobile retailer last week.

On April, 4th MTS stopped receiving the payments through the cash desks of Euroset.
This decision of the mobile operator began affecting the average consumers negatively.

Eldorado mobile stores belonging to MTS lost the contract with Vympelkom, which wasn’t satisfied with the contract terms. Now the Eldorado network doesn’t accept payments of Vympelkom subscribers and can’t sell the new contracts of this company.

Romir has checked the impartiality of Euroset. It was found out that in 70% of all cases the employees of Euroset advise Vympelkom tariffs to the buyers.

The letter of Euroset leaders addressing their employees was sent to mass media. The letter called the sellers to agitate MTS subscribers for changing their tariffs to Vympelkom and MegaFon. The employees of Euroset said the sent letter was a fraud.

It became known that Vympelkom can also capture Svyaznoy. The operator will receive the right to use the option for 51% of the retailer’s shares in case its contracts’ share in the sales of Svyaznoy will be less than 45%.

The signing up of marketing contract between Euroset and the operator MegaFon was announced on Friday. Euroset is to sell 7.2 million of the operator’s contracts within 18 months, for which it will receive the remuneration at $167–172.8 million.

The retailer Euroset has finished the optimization and is going to open 86 stores within the whole Russia. This is in spite of the fact that the tax audits have been taking place at the company within several months. Their beginning coincided the time of Euroset’s selling and chases of Evgeny Chichvarkin, its ex-co-owner.

Not less events happened in the product retail last week.

The American Wal-Mart resumed the negotiations about purchasing the St. Petersburg network Lenta. The network leaders were offered to sell their shares along with Oleg Zherebtsov. Wal-Mart will only agree for the bargain in case it will be able to collect 51% of Lenta: not only Oleg Zherebtsov, the founder of the network, was offered to sell his share, but also EBRR (11.1%) and Loren Bou, ex-member of Lenta’s board of directors (about 6%).

It also became known that in April Lenta will open 2 new hypermarkets in the regions: one in Novorossiysk (it will be the third complex of the network in the Krasnodar region and the first hypermarket store in Novorossiysk) and one in Omsk. Another Lenta hypermarket will open in autumn in Rostov-on-Don. This will end the first stage of the network promotion in the UFO.

The company Express-Retail (the product stores Perekrestok-express and Pyatyorochka-express), 40% of which belongs to X5 Retail Group, has found a new franchise partner in Moscow. The network consisting of ten self-service stores Vkusniy Dom and being developed by the co-owners of the pharmacy network 03 Pharmacy has purchased a license for the brand Perekrestok-express.

Last week the results of the first quarter were resumed by The Seventh Continent, where the trade receipts increased at 11% up to 11.467 million rubles, and by X5 Retail Group, who increased the trade receipts at 46% up to 63.1 billion rubles.

The Dixi network has reported that it will receive credits from VTB and Alfa-bank at 2.6 billion rubles in total. Alfa-bank has approved opening of two credit lines at 1.5 billion rubles and 500 million rubles for the company Magnit.

Vozrozhdenie-bank has reported that within two years it’s going to sell the areas of Samokhval to their ex-owners, who transferred this estate to the creditors due to the outstanding debts.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service received a request from Anafy Enterprises Limited for purchasing 100% of the voting shares of ZAO Mosmart. The bargain is being hold within the limits of the company’s group; the beneficiary’s of Anafy are Mikhail Belezyanskiy and Andrey Shelukhin, the present owners of Mosmart (75%), as well as the Swiss funds Eastern Property Holdings (EPH) and ENR Russia Invest SA (25%).

The debt of Alkor and Co. Ltd. (the operator of perfume and cosmetics stores L’Etualle and Sephora) to the suppliers and contractors has increased from 1.392 billion rubles in January 2008 to 2.774 billion rubles in the beginning of 2009. The holding Edinaya Evropa (the distributor of Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Max Factor, etc.) has particularly stopped supplying the network due to delays of payment.

The company Dikaya Orkhideya has announced that it could place only 40% of the second series’ securities: it could convert the shares of the first issue into the shares of the second one at 402.3 billion rubles. However, about 600 000 of loan securities are still existing. Alexander Fedorov, the president of Dikaya Orkhideya, said that 2 commercial banks preferred to convert their loan securities into credits. The company will continue the negotiations with the pension funds.

At the end of the week there was a report that Dikaya Orkhideya allowed a technical default, not having paid the bonds at 1 billion rubles. Sberbank, whom the retailer was to return a credit at 100 million rubles till April, 10th (the total debt to the bank is 1.665 billion rubles), agreed to wait till July, 1st.

The positive news of the last week is:

The pharmacy network 36,6 has signed a direct contract with OAO Pharmstandart, one of the major producers of medical products. As a result the network is going to decrease the prices for the producer’s medicines at 5-10%.

The pharmacy network 36,6 has set up the question of restructuring with the supplier Alliance Healthcare Russia. In april the distributor will resume the supplies to the network stopped in autumn.

Bork Elektronik GmbH, the producer of household appliances, is going to open 10-15 Bork monobrand stores in 2009, including the ones in Moscow most expensive shopping centers – GUM, Atrium, Vremena Goda, etc.

In 2009 Tashir is investing $50 million in opening the stores of 6 new retail brands of the group. The group is planning to develop 6 new retail directions: a network of multibrand stores of two formats Modniy Alyans and Modniy Alyans Jeans, the pharmacy network SK Pharma, the network of stores SK Perfume, the store network of multibrand products Media Star, the network of the presents’ store Baron, the network of computer clubs Game Star.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex  does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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