Last week Auchan reported launching of Raduga network and opening its stores instead of the Ukrainian O’Key, , and Euroset announced the possible truce with MTS.

On September, 14th in Nakhabino (Moscow region) “Retailer Congress. Season 3” took place. It was organized by the publishing house Retailer. The main congress subjects were discussing the working results of the summer and early autumn periods, as well as the possible development strategies of different retail industries. There were no high-flown slogans or speeches, the participants discussed only the vital questions both on the scene and in the lobby.


On September, 10th the second Carrefour store started working in Russia. Opening of the first regional hypermarket of the French network Carrefour turned Krasnodar into the leader in the Russian market in terms of hypermarket saturation.

Due to the deficit of selling places in the regions another French retailer Auchan launches a special trading format for the Russian market – the hypermarket network Raduga a 5-7 thousand square meters each. A standard Auchan is about 12-14 thousand square meters.

Auchan Hypermarket Ukraine and the development company Panorama Group signed a lease contract for more than 43 thousand square meters of selling places. Now the Auchan hypermarkets will be opened instead of O’key stores in the Ukraine.

Last week the presidium of the Russian Retail Companies Association (AKORT) proved the authorities of Lev Khasis, the acting Presidium Chairman. The presidium members unanimously gave him a vote of confidence.

X5 Retail Group informed about entering the mobile telephone market. Roskomnadzor gave the retailer a license for creating a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) and signed the preliminary memorandum with MTS.

The Moscow Arbitrage Court included Vladimir Nekrasov, the owner of the retail network Arbat Prestige, to the company’s creditors registry. The total sum of Nekrasov’s claims is 317.5 mln rubles.

On Friday the Tushinskiy Regional Court considered the case of Arbat Prestige on its merits. During the session the accused Vladimir Nekrasov and Sergey Shneider didn’t admit their guilt.


In spite of the fact that MTS has already twice won the trials against Euroset, it’s preparing the documents for signing the amicable agreement with the retailer. It’s not ruled out that Euroset, who earlier won the trials against Samsung and Nokia, may again find itself in a more winning position, than its larger opponent.

The companies MegaFon and M.Video signed a cooperation agreement. The deal terms are not disclosed yet, but it’s already known that the consumer technique stores will now include the mobile retailer’s branded areas.

Euroset started selling on-line games. The company has launched a joint project with the computer games creator Alawar. It accounts to sell 1000 game copies per day. The partners plan to receive the fifty-fifty receipts: next year they might come up to $2 mln.

Closing the Euroset stores in Armenia and Moldavia might entail the retailer’s further capitulation from the CIS countries. In the near future Euroset will take a decision about closing its mobile stores in a series of countries.


The Moscow regional management of the Federal Antimonopoly Service withdrew the action against IKEA MOS Ltd., the sister structure of IKEA Group, (manages the mall network Mega) and the insurance companies suspected in limiting the competition at the insurance services market.

During the financial year of 2009 (from September 1st, 2008 till August 31st, 2009) the Swedish furniture producer IKEA earned 21.5 billion euro, which became the company’s record.


Georgiy Lyamin, the main owner of Top-Kniga Group (the networks Las-Knigas, Knigomir and Pishi-Chitai) is going to mortgage his own 81% of the main Top-Kniga Ltd. to Sberbank as the additional credit security a 730 mln rubles. Sergey Tschebetov, the owner of the rest 10% of Top-Kniga, is going to block this deal. In case the additional credit security is not registered, Sberbank might demand the advanced credit repayment.

Sberbank, the main creditor of Dikaya Orkhideya, the underwear producer and seller, agreed to prolong a part of the company’s credits. Following the words of Alexander Fyodorov, the company’s president, the question concerns several credits a 400 mln rubles in total, and the delay is given for 5 months.


Natur Product Invest Ltd. has taken a decision to purchase the bearer inconvertible interest documentary obligations with the obligatory centralized storage of 03 series emitted to 900 mln rubles.

In order to control the increase of prices for the essential medicine the officials from Roszrdavnadzor asked the medicine producers to report the cost of each sold unit.

During August 2009 the medicine prices at the Russian apothecary stores decreased a 0.4% per month. This index is reducing during three months running. However, the medicine prices for the Russian hospitals and clinics increased a 0.2%.

Roszrdavnadzor announced the goods for the newborns to be the medical ones. The producers should reregister them, and till then selling the pacifiers, small bottles and bibs is illegal, and these goods are withdrawn from the apothecary stores.

The Russian Apothecary Network Association founded 6 years ago on the initiative of 36.6 has in fact collapsed. The apothecary networks, who were the RAAS members, left the union on a mass scale. They are displeased with the fact that the association was actually lobbying for the commercial interests of only 36.6 and was useless for other networks, especially, for the regional ones. After leaving the RAAS the apothecaries founded another independent association – the Russian Apothecary Chamber.


For the present OBI, the network of the household and building appliances, delayed implementing its plans of developing and opening new hypermarkets in the Ukraine. In particular, a new hypermarket, which was to be opened in Nikolaev at the end of the year, will not be opened.

The book network Bukvoed uses the crisis for its development. It increases the size of the acting stores and enters the Ukrainian market.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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