Last week searches and arrests took place in the jewelry  hypermarket network “Altyn”, X5 sent a request for purchase of the “Paterson” network to the Federal Antimonopoly  Service, PPF Group took interest in the “Technosila” network etc.

Last  week  the officers of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation conducted searches in the  jewelry  hypermarket network “Altyn” in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Omsk. The investigations took place within the framework of the grand contraband criminal case. The owners of the “Altyn” group of companies allegedly  organized illegal imports of jewelry articles from Kirgizia, while the stamp marks were put on as if those articles were manufactured in Russia.

However the outlet of the “Altyn” jewelry holding in Dubai continued to function.

After that the general director of gold hypermarket “Altyn” Valentina Shadryna who had been suspected of contraband was arrested.

The face of the company, Antonina Babosyuk, the vice-president of the supervisory board of the “Altyn” jewelry holding, was taken to the Lefortovskiy Court in Moscow where the hearing of the motion for her arrest was held.


The X5 Retail Group sent a request to the Federal Antimonopoly  Service for purchase of 100% of shares of  OOO «Firma “Omega-97” », a Limited Liability Company, owner of the “Paterson” Supermarket network.  The purchase of the retailer (estimated at $100–140 millions) could expand the X5 network by 80 retail outlets, but as the purchaser fears,  the deal may not be approved by the Federal Antimonopoly  Service: 11 “Paterson” outlets are located in Saint-Petersburg, where the market share of the X5 Group comprises 35%.

The X5 Retail Group N.V. announced the operations results for the third quarter and the first nine months of 2009. The net retail earnings of the retailer for the third quarter reached 65 701 mln. rub. or $2 094 mln., growing by 28% in rubles and decreasing by 4% in dollars in comparison to the same period in 2008.

The dispute over 35.4% of Oleg Zherebtsov’s  “Lenta” shares concluded in favour of the American TPG Capital fund   and “VTB Capital”: they transferred $110,601 mln. to the seller’s account. The  Moore Capital fund (owner of 1.5% of “Lenta”)  which had a bid for this block, signed the waiver of the preferential purchase rights on Monday.

The “Gazprom” subsidiary OOO “Gaztorgpromstroy”  (a Limited Liability Company) announced the launch  of the supermarket network for the middle class  under the brand “Naraskhvat”  and the namesake fast food network.  In the near future, “Gaztorgpromstroy” will relaunch in the new format 400 stores and canteens,  which mostly, but not exclusively serve the “Gazprom” staff.

The Siberia’s major retailer “Holiday” made the decision to cancel its “Turne” premium supermarket  project. All its stores will be converted into the “Holiday Maxi” supermarkets before the end of the year.

The pledge rights for 74.81% of  the “The Seventh Continent” shares were distributed among three creditors: the French bank Natixis, Alfa-bank and the American hedge funds group Spinnaker Capital Group. 

The Carrefour company signed the preliminary lease  agreement for 13000 sq.m. in the retail  and entertainment complex  “The River Mall” in Moscow. The “Carrefour” hypermarket will open in 2011.

Last week the “Mosmart” group of companies announced the resumption of the deliveries to its regional stores.

The Arbitration Court of the Novosibirsk region satisfied the claim of the owners and the managing  company of the retail complex “The Siberian Mall” against ZAO “Mosmart” for the eviction of the hypermarket and the debt collection from it. 

The “Mosmart” company also managed to avoid the bankruptcy. In court half of the suppliers, which demanded that  the network be declared bankrupt, retracted their claims explaining that the company  paid off its debts to them.

Shortly before the buy-back offer  the “New Trade Systems” had taken four companies out of the group. The “NTS” lost “Sibalko” (the alcohol distributor), the “ Krepost” and “Kvartal” store networks, OOO “Kremen” (a real estate company in Barnaul) 


The Czech investor PPF Group took interest in the “Technosila” network, considered to be in the third place by revenue volume and has already begun the negotiations  with the MDM-bank which hold the mortgage to 49% of the company. But the PPF is prepared to make the transaction only on the condition that it will buy the retailer’s $161 mln debt with a discount.

The MTS has closed the deal of purchasing the network of cellular communications salons “Teleforum”. 180  cellular communications salons in the North-West had cost the cellular operator only $ 11 mln. which is twice as cheap as the last year’s “” network purchase deal. 

The “Evroset” and the “Svyaznoy” started selling financial products. The “Evroset” started searching for a partner for selling the financial products in its salons. The company is planning to offer credit and debit cards through its own network stores. The “Svyaznoy” network is planning to launch a similar project in the future.

The Moscow region Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service has deemed the “IKEA Mos”  to be in violation of the law  “On Protection of Competition”.  The “IKEA Mos”, a Russian subsidiary of the Swedish retailer IKEA Group is facing a fine the amount of which is estimated to be  from 150 mln to 2.25 bln rub. The owner of the MEGA  trade centers imposed upon the renters a limited pool of insurance companies for signing the property and civil liability  insurance contracts.

The supplier of the electrical generators “ The Autonomous Power Supply Systems”  has filed a new claim in the Moscow Arbitration Court against OOO “IKEA Mos”, demanding that the subsidiary of the Swedish group  return the property. 

The “Home Center”  home and renovation goods network  announced its entry onto the Moscow market. In December the network will open a hypermarket at the “Rumyantsevo” retail and office center , and in 2010 will launch retail outlets in Vladimir, Ufa and Novosibirsk.

The first store of household and hobby goods of the new retail «Home Station. Stantsiya domashnyaya»  project opened in Moscow. The company is planning to launch 20 such outlets in Russia by 2012.

It has become known that the OOO «Trading House  “Trial”» which is undergoing bankruptcy and which used to be a part of Oleg Yakovlev’s “Banana-mama” group, does not possess sufficient assets for settlements with its creditors, as the interim executive of the OOO informed the Moscow Arbitration Court . In the executive’s report it is mentioned that the current debt of the “Trial” is  3.828 bln. rub.  while the net book value of assets does not exceed 7.957 mln. rub.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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