Last week Evgeny Fyodorov, head of the Economic Policy Committee and member of Edinaya Rossiya, declared that not only didn’t the State Duma delete the most odious phrases from the Bill On Trade, but was also to add even more radical amendments to it. The deputies informed that they were to heighten the bill items extremely softened during the summer consultancies with Victor Zubkov, the First Vice-Premier.

The government amendments to the Bill On Trade are awaited next Monday – Tuesday, and the second bill reading is to be held not earlier than on November, 13th.

At the Rosalcohol web-site there appeared a draft order of Igor Chuyan, head of the Service, on the procedure of stating the minimum prices for vodka, liqueur and other alcohol drinks stronger than 28% produced both in Russia and abroad. Stores might be fined at 100 000 rubles for selling vodka cheaper than 90 rubles per bottle, and in future they even might be deprived of their alcohol selling licenses. 


It also became known that the Mosmart network (Sberbank became one of its owners in summer) didn’t rule out the possibility of purchasing three Russian stores of the French retailer Carrefour. However, the market considers the hypermarket network Auchan closer in its format to be a more expected buyer.

Oleg Goncharov, Director of Investor Relations of the Magnit company, informed how a part of $527 million attracted during SPO at the end of October would be spent. Magnit will spend almost $250 million for developing the logistics, building hypermarkets and opening new “near the house” stores.

For the 9 months of 2009 the net receipts of the German retailer Metro Group AG came up to 82 million euro in comparison with 206 million euro of the net loss received during the same period last year.

On November, 5th the official opening of the Ocean store, the first project of Rosrybolovstvo, was held in St.Petersburg. The trade area of the store located at the Komendantskiy prospect is 350 square meters. 20 million rubles was invested in the store opening.

Within 2009-2010 ten Ocean stores organized by the Federal Fishery Service will be opened in St.Petersburg. Next year fish selling from the mobile stands will be established. In total the company is going to open about 300 such selling points in St.Petersburg.

On October, 30th Novye Torgovye Sistemy (NTS, a franchisee of Pyatyorochka and Paterson with its own network Stolichnyi) purchased the shares at 42.725 million rubles within the limits of offer. Only 4.3% of the total issue was offered. Two days before NTS transferred 74.79 million rubles for paying off the third coupon.

The holders of the most part of NTS shares a 42 million rubles offered on October, 30th were the company suppliers, who converted the overdue retailer’s debt to the capital issues.


KB BNP Pariba Vostok Ltd. addressed the Moscow Arbitrage Court with a $10 million action against Magaziny Elektroniki Mir Public Corporation and Movitrade Ltd.

The agrochemical holding Uralkhim owned by Dmitry Mazepin appeared to have a strange debtor. The company brought an action of recovering 301.7 million rubles from the Dixis Group companies, which earlier was one of the major mobile retailers. Uralkhim purchased this debt from YuniCredit Bank while restructuring its own debts to this bank.


The investigatory powers accused Antonina Babosyuk, Vice-President of Jewelry Holding Altyn Ltd. supervisory board, as well as other persons involved – Vladimir Fenkov, Mrs Babosyuk’s husband, and Eltugan Dzhaparov, the citizen of Kyrgyzstan, who was responsible for the security questions at he holding, of smuggling.


Vadim Stepanov, the owner of the shoe network Tervolina, who is under arrest for about 6 months, managed to settle the network’s financial problems. Now he is strengthening its manager staff: he invited Alexander Zayonts, the ex-co-owner of M.Video, to the network’s board of directors.

Last week there happened a character event at the St.Petersburg clothes market – the first store of a well-known retailer H&M was opened. The network spent hundreds of thousands euro for promoting the first object in St.Petersburg. The PR market hasn’t seen such large-scale actions for more than a year.

Sven Lay, the son of Wolfgang Lay (founder of the German fashion house Escada), united with Jacomo Santucci, the ex-head of Guicci, and the investment group of the Borletti family for making a “saving” offer on purchasing Escada.

After the three quarters of 2009 the receipts of Detskiy Mir-Center came up to 4 805.3 million rubles. Against the background of the decreasing customer demand for the child goods in the regions of the network’s presence the net loss of the company decreased at 76.6% or at 536.9 million rubles compared to the last quarter data.

It also became known that in November the St.Petersburg government was to approve expanding the range and conditions of participating in the city program supporting the families with children. The number of stores accepting social cards, where 2.6 billion rubles of child benefit is annually transferred to, might increase.


The advertising campaign used by the household equipment and electronics network Domo while opening 2 stores in Kazan looks very much like the Media Markt’s promo action used by the German retailer while opening the second hypermarket in Samara.

After 14 years of functioning the cosmetics and perfume network Rive Gauche started the rebranding procedure. Now not less than 10% of the network stores are functioning with the new signboards and the renewed navigation in the sales areas.

The digest was prepared by Retailer.RU and was translated by iTrex company. Itrex is a translation bureau. It offers written and oral translation, notary certification and a lot more. Itrex does work with every language: European, Eastern languages and others. Itrex does work with every topic: technical, legal, financial, business, etc.

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